Thursday, 15 September 2016

PG have grown from strength to strength


LIKE a child who looses the baby teeth
To grow the teen teeth
To prepare for adult age
You have come a long way
Leaving behind toddler days
From teen memories
You can built on and be strong to stand alone

I have seen you ignoring liquid food
You don't want mashed food anymore

The Dependency theory is around your neck
It holds you tightly with many hands
But I have seen you running away from few
That's an indication that you have changed

Leave the Dependency theory to others
Put on the best of your Modernization garment
8-million voices are calling your name
To celebrate your 41st born day
Happy 41st mama karim day PG

You are bright with RED, YELLOW, BLACK & GOLD
May God continue to bless you!

Photos: 16th September 1975, Papua New Guinea, INDEPENDENCE DAY flag raising.
The New Flag, With the Future of Papua new Guinea.
Presentation of the new Papua New Guinea flag, at Independence Hill.
Raising of the Papua New Guinea flag, at Independence Hill.

Video: Papua New Guinea song

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