Thursday, 15 September 2016

Papua New Guinea: Are we culturally independent?


FACTORS that contribute economic growth are diverse
But not all generate same revenue
While few are sustainable
Others are environmentally friendly
And some are culturally appropriate

Politics is a game of YES or NO
On the eastern edge of the world's 2nd largest island
It was YES 41 years ago and Papua New Guinea.
Political boundaries are physical
And there are here to stay forever

But a country of cultural independent is a nation of unity
Full of patriotic spirit
One language, one colour, one motto

Today the gathering of 800 tribes means one motto
But with different languages and colours
We walk together in the same spirit wearing different colours
We garden on the same land with with different tongues

It was fine to mark the island 41 years on
Its promising to work together on the land for one motto
But my struggle is your colour. Your struggle is my language
I can't speak yours and you can't speak mine
My colour is not on your list. Yours is not my favorite

Where are we Papua New Guinea?
Are we united after 41 years on?
Are we culturally independent?

(This poem is decided to all PNG citizens on the 41 independence celebration day).

Happy 41st Independence, PNG! We dedicate this show to our forefathers, parents, guardians, teachers, and friends. God bless all the children of Papua New Guinea!

VIDEO: Papua New Guinea theme song

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