Wednesday, 3 August 2016

UPNG academic year to resume, dispute difficulties

The terminated academic year for the University of Papua New Guinea was called back to complete the remaining semester two (2) starting in September. Newly appointed minister for Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology Francis Marus said this in a statement.

As reported by Post Courier, Mr. Marus expects that Government’s tertiary education scholarship support (TESAS) to be restored to all scholarships holders. It might be a costly exercise to bring back the students whom have left few Port Moresby for home provinces a week ago. The National Government is expecting the Provincial Governors and Open Members of Parliament to return their students to universities at their own costs.

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill confirmed that efforts are underway to have classes resume for the completion of the 2016 academic year at the University of Papua New Guinea (UPNG), according to Post Courier.
 "There are still a number of details that must be discussed and resolved, but if all parties come to the table with the right attitude the Government is committed to resuming the academic year at UPNG,” he said.
""The knock-on effect of not resuming the academic year is costly in terms of the impost on families, problems for current and future students and concerns for segments of the economy who were expecting to employ new graduates.

"We have a fresh intake of students graduating from high school at the end of this year who must be given their chance to study at university,” the Prime Minister said.
 Meanwhile, Mr. O’Neill warned foreign media to not interfere with discussions underway and respect the desire of stakeholders in Papua New Guinea to return students to class.
 "I call on media, particularly foreigners like the ABC, to report responsibly and do not publish rumor and make the situation worse as they have done in the past.

"There are a number of people who do not want to see the resumption of classes as they are pursuing their own political agendas, and they will be back in contact with the ABC trying to distribute misinformation.
“The ABC has to check the facts before they publish."
UPNG students.

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