Sunday, 14 August 2016

DSIP / PSIP, District and Provincial slash funds are discretionary or Government policy oriented?

THE O'Neill-Dion Government, like any other government in the past, has been challenged and brought to the test of fullness in confidence of the stewardship of the Prime Minister Peter O'Neill in recent weeks. More than 80 MPs, almost 3/4 of the national leaders in Parliament rally behind Peter O'Neill although he has outstanding police fraud investigations to answer, to retain him as the Prime Minister during the Vote of No-Confidence. 

The 80 plus MPs were claimed being toyed with the DSIP/PSIP funds. What many Papua New Guineans know is that DSIP/PSIP funds were discretionary. But in recent days, Finance Minister James Marabe said these funds are Government policy oriented and should not be used at the discretionary of the leaders. Now if any MPs is seen to be using the funds outside of Government policy, would that be corruption?

Dishing out monies by MPs to the churches, women groups, youths groups and NGOs: are those speculated under the Government policy?  Government policies in principle are to serve the interest of the people, are MPs really serving the interest of the people?            

Photo gallery below is Government MPs teaming up to rally behind O'Neill-Dion Government for political stability. 

 Photographs: NAU FM news / Facebook/ 2016.

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