Sunday, 14 August 2016

A photograph of the main street in Tari, the PNG LNG rich Hela Province went viral on social media

WHILE the Hela Leaders chest best themselves and talk about billion kina projects for the people of Hela, the photo below is a reality of life in Tari. The picture shows the main street of Tari Town, Hela Province - the township of PNG LNG rich province. This is the level years of continuous negligence by the so called leaders. Can't get any lower than this. 

This message and the photo was posted by Albert Tagua‎ on Sharp Talk on social media, Facebook. The photo with the caption went viral on social media with 63 shares, 119 comments and 268 likes.  

Main street of Tari town - Hela Province. Image: Albert Tagua / Sharp Talk, FB / 2016

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