Sunday, 5 August 2018

'Peter O'Neill a pathological liar,' writes Bryan Kramer

Psychologist describe a pathological liar as somebody who lies without effort, for whom telling a lie comes more naturally than telling the truth.

Further, that lying has become a part of the liar's everyday life, to the point where their whole existence is a fabrication (fake).

Pathological lying is often connected to a personality disorder. People with this condition are frequently described as narcissistic - arrogant, self-centered, manipulative, and demanding.

So is Peter O'Neill a pathological liar?

Well there is certainly a of lot evidence in the public domain that may suggest he is.

During November 2013 Parliament Session, the then Opposition Leader Belden Namah raised a question to the Prime Minister in relation to the incident where a group of rogue soldiers violently attacked and terrorized the students and staff at the UPNG University Campus.

Both O'Neill and Namah ended up in a heated debate over the issue to which O'Neill made the comment, "the sooner you [Namah] get out of your thinking that you are no longer a soldier, the better it is for this country."

Namah responded;

“For me, once a Soldier will always be a Soldier but for you [O’Neill] once a Thief will always be a Thief. You can’t take the Soldier out of me; similarly we can’t get the stealing and lying out of you”, Namah said.

So just how bad is O'Neill's lying? In my view its prolific (out of control) which explains why I keep interjecting when he speaks on the floor of Parliament - I'm actually injecting every time he tells a lie.

If O'Neill wants me to stop interjecting then he simply needs to stop lying.

Even after he was caught out for calling me a "Moron of the highest degree on the floor of Parliament and the Speaker asked to refer him to the Parliamentary Privileges Committee, he even lied about it. He claimed he maybe wanted to call me Moran and in stead called me Moron.

This is a symptom of a habitual liar that they will even lie to avoid being caught.

In 2014 when members of Fraud Squad served him a warrant of arrest, he lied to them that he would make himself available for interview. He instead went into a hideout in Parliament and directed his lawyers to rush to Court to apply for a stay (stop order) preventing his arrest. He claimed they were rouge cops, however National Court threw out his application after finding no evidence to support his lie.

I did say in last week, Parliament session would be interesting and O'Neill would be hammered for every misleading statement made- which he was, to a point where he chucked a tantrum and forced to apologize. True to my word its exactly what happened even though the Speaker denied me the right to ask questions.

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