Sunday, 5 August 2018

BITMAX PNG looks supicious like a scam

ANY venture that pushes ‘Financial Returns’ more than its product itself should be view with extreme caution!

There are no quick solutions in life and there is no longer manna that falls from heaven.

You either put longer hours, hard works and sleepless nights to build an income or you don’t.

Anything that suggests a quick return of 100% in 2-3 months should already be a RED FLAG.

Just by looking at this BitMax PNG , product of K200 package just reminded me of TBC K200 package which one would make K23m in 12 months.

Papua New Guineans should not be so gullible! Be creative and you will succeed. MLM and Pyramid Schemes ain’t one of them!

Simply ask them this question, How that money is made? If they have the answer, ask again how they are pretty sure to make such a calculated profit?

How certain are they?

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