Saturday, 28 July 2018

'"PATO's pursuit of economic prosperity is an act of ultimate betrayal against our own Melanesians of West Papua," - Powes Parkop

By NCDC Governor Powes Parkop
ON Thursday I asked Minister Rimbink Pato about his statement made to Indonesian Foreign affairs Minister about our people of West Papua. It does not reflect the progress made so far by the Government in addressing the plight of our people in West Papua. They have been betrayed by the Dutch and the Americans.

 As their Relatives and neighbors we cannot and should never betray them! We can’t call ourselves Melanesians, Christians and Neighbours and maintain such immoral or unethical position. It is taken from a position of fear and weakness, lacking moral or ethical courage and conviction!

The pain of our people or West Papua is expressed loud and clear by the lament of one of our people who feels the pain of ultimate betrayal by his own brothers and sisters of PNG

A lamentation

I see and read the statement of our Foreign Affairs Minister Hon. Rimbink Pato pursuing benefit of our country's diplomatic relationship with Indonesia and thus sacrificing the rights of the minority indigenous Melanesian people of West Papua over economic prosperity by Papua New Guinea is an act of ultimate betrayal.

The indegenous Melanesian people of Png can enjoy the lasting and permanent freedom they deserved and rightfully earned and continue to enjoy the oppertunity to protect their ancestral flora and traditional fauna, their ancient songs and dances, their chants and rituals, but neglect to assist their brother and sister, the indegenous people of West Papua of the same is the most saddest act of human betrayal and rejection.

It is an act of betrayal and rejection that is in direction contradiction to the very core of our social binds, connection, lineage of sharing, caring, giving, the ultimate wantok system that makes us distinct from other cultures that we so proudly advertise and applaud.

The betrayal and rejection our blood, our indegenous Melanesian brothers and sister by letting their ancestral floral, traditional fauna, ancient songs and dances, thier chants and rituals be contaminated, diluted and dominated by a superior indegenous race in the multi cultural arena is a form ethnic cleansing in the name of economic prosperity.

I live with a painful heart everyday and I look away when I cry, so no one can see my tears for freedom for my fellow man, my relatives, my wantoks, so they too can enjoy the opportunity to protect ancestral forest, and sea, my traditional food, culture, way of life and tradition. 

Every night I pray, but my prayer is not a Godly priority, and is at the bottom of God Almighty In-tray.

Please father God hear my prayer.

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