Thursday, 27 July 2017

Sir Julius Chan sets to end his long political career on a very bad note.

Sir Julius Chan, one of the architectures behind the formation of PNG as an independent nation will never be accorded all the compliments he deserves in line with other political icons in the likes of Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare, Dr John Momis etc. 

Unfortunately, all his hard works have gone down the drains for the very regrettable decision he had made which has shocked the nation although PNG was looking upon him and other creditable political figures to put out PNG on a right course.

 It is of the view that Sir Julius's decision to join PNC came out as a result of his son (Byron Chan) being ousted by the NA man as well as the same party who gave him a good chase, and that he didn't want to stay in a coalition camp that upset his family members but that is too lame and premature notion. 

 Sir Julius being the political icon could have been hailed if he had relinquished his personal vendetta and went for what seemingly be of national interest. Disgrace enough, Sir Julius bows to lick the wounds O'Neill has inflicted to PNG sovereignty at the latest scale.

 This may send a very scary message that the fabric of this nation is in the verge of collapse. Paradoxically, he was among the veteran MPs who bide a no confidence motion to push for change of government in 2016 but now backs the one that he hated managing PNG down to trash. For the good of all, he should rescind his decision and bring those PPP members back to the Western Alliance and form government with Pangu. 

That's the greatest deal he can offer to put PNG on save hands before ceasing his political life.

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