Monday, 31 July 2017

Sam Basil reminds Patrick Basa - "Your representation in Morobe Provincial Assembly will be one against nine"

THE only Member of Parliament from Morobe province, who is currently camped with the People’s National Congress party in Alotau, has been reminded by Pangu Pati leader and re-elected Bulolo MP, Sam Basil, to change his mind.

Basil in a media statement, pointed out Kabwum Member-Elect, Patrick Basa, reminding the Christian Democratic Party member, not to fall to sweet promises from Ialibu-Pangia MP and PNC party leader Peter O’Neill.

“I want Patrick Basa, member-elect for Kabwum to remember that Peter O’Neill has created a leadership vacuum for PNC in the Morobe Province and elsewhere,” Basil said.

“If Mr Basa has succumbed to the lures and sweeteners from the PNC camp in Alotau, he must be reminded that as a single member in the Morobe provincial assembly, his capacity to ensure the voice of his people is represented in legislation and service delivery agendas will be outnumbered by a bloc of 9 MPs now in Kokopo.”

“Six district seats and one provincial totalling 7 in Morobe is held by Pangu Pati with Lae and Huon Gulf Mps now in Kokopo camp bringing to 9 the total of Morobe MPs,”

“The damage created by PNC is great. The people of Morobe removed the Speaker of National Parliament, the Deputy Leader of PNC, and ministers of state who were all serving in the PNC government for the last five years.

“This was clear in the mandate they have taken away from many of the PNC in the Morobe Province including, Mao Zeming (Tewai-Siassi), Paul Isikiel (Markham), Gisuwat Siniwin (Nawaeb), Benjamin Phillip (Menyamya), Theodore Zurenuoc (Finschafen) and Kelly Naru, (Morobe Regional),” Basil said.

“The promises made to you to join the Alotau Camp cannot be achieved as the resources to do so have already been depleted by a man with a voracious appetite for self-indulgence.”

“Peter O’Neill wants to be in government so he can control people. We want to be in government to rescue our future inheritance,” Basil said.

“The people of Morobe have made it clear that they do not want a PNC led government in parliament in 2017. PNC is a memory of a bad period in our country's history.

“We do not want to revive those bad experiences after our people were given a chance to decide for themselves who they wanted to lead them,” Basil said.

Meanwhile, Basil also officially welcomed Morobe Governor-Elect, Ginson Saonu, into their camp in Port Moresby before they flew over to Kokopo today (Picture below).

Saonu was Basil's teacher back in Bumayong Lutheran Secondary School in Lae between 1983 to 1986.

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