Sunday, 30 July 2017

PNC party accused of attempted abductions of 3 new MPs


THE attempts to kidnap three newly-elected members of parliament in Papua New Guinea are a sign of desperation by People's National Congress leaders.

Failed PNC candidate David Arore (pictured) sought to manhandle the new Ijivitari MP at Port Moresby airport this week in an attempt to kidnap him.

This came as the National Alliance-Pangu group increased the number of politicians opting to join it to form a coalition government when parliament begins next week.

Prime minister Peter O'Neill denied failed PNC MP Arore and other men were acting on behalf of the PNC in the Port Moresby kidnap attempt.

But today there were two further incidents of attempted kidnaps by PNC party elements.

There was an attempted abduction of new MP elect for South Fly, Seki Asiga, when a West Pacific Airlines aircraft owned by Peter O'Neill arrived in Daru to pick him up.

An angry crowd at Daru Airport threatened to stone the plane.

Former prime minister Sir Mekere Morauta and Central Governor Robert Agarobe stopped the kidnap attempt and airlifted Mr Asiga to Port Moresby.

In Simbu, the PNG Defence Force used a yellow helicopter and established a road block at Chuave in an effort to detain new Kerowagi MP Bari Palmer.

Pangu leader Sam Basil said if his coalition forms government, he will investigate if Peter O'Neill has been involved in such criminal activities.

Mr Basil expressed anger and frustration about the action of the PNC team.

"The Kerowagi elect MP, Bari Palmer, is a PNG Party MP not PNC," he said.

Mr Basil warns citizens to guard their MPs as soon as they are declared.

"Pangu has suffered casualties and damage to vehicles in the drama," he said.

The yellow helicopter is allegedly owned by Malcolm Kela Smith’s company Pacific Helicopters. Smith was an unsuccessful candidate for the Eastern Highlands regional seat.

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