Sunday, 4 June 2017

PANGU will investigate and prosecute those people who misuse landowner royalties - Basil


Here in Rearea village, the island of no return, Pangu team campaigning for our Kairuku Hiri Candidate STEVEN JOHN MANAI, BOX 26.

One pressing issue here was the royalties of the land owners from the LNG-gas pipeline.

The same question was asked in Parliament a a while ago and the Prime Minister Peter O'Neill lied in his replies.

He told Parliament that the K300m was with the Central Bank and there was an NEC decision to start paying the LO's from upstream highlands to the condensing plant in caution bay.

To date nothing happened, in 2016 there was a K300m parked in the central bank's account that was after 200 shipment of the PNG LNG.

The amount is believed to be more than K300m now that more than 300 LNG cargoes has been exported so far.

They are suspecting that the PNC Government after their reckless spendings through the obtaining of many illegal loans and their unbudgeted, over inflated infrastructure spending programs from 2012 to 2016 made the Government broke.

The PNC through Peter O'Neill used Patrick Pruaitch of NA as his treasurer to increase GST from 10% to 15% , they squeezed an extra 5% out of the ordinary citizens to pay for their mismanagement of our economy.

Not only that they also believed that the Prime Minister and the central bank governor have collaborated to use the LNG LO's royalty of more than K300m plus to finance the government's recurrent shortfalls.

They know that all our LNG export money is quarantined in an offshore account to repay the illegal UBS Loan, they know the delays in the public servant's salaries, they know our foreign reserves has been depleted affecting businesses and also the increase of imported items in the shop shelves.

Peter O'Neill cannot lie to these people any more!

Pangu Pati promised the landowners that when we form the next government, a statement will be demanded from the central bank Governor Loi Bakani to confirm if the royalty funds of more than K300m if still exists.

If the funds have been used then all that are involved in misusing the royalty funds including the central bank governor will be prosecuted.

If funds are still there then distribution to various LO's on record must immediately commence to meet the government's obligation under the agreement.

Video footage of PANGU supporters at Kairuku Hiri - PANGU supporters dancing.

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