Friday, 9 June 2017

Opposition Leader Don Polye still commands majority support in Kandep

It is business as usual for the Opposition Leader and Kandep MP Don Pomb Polye.

His archrivals can do anything to make him lose his seat but their efforts and resources will be to no avail. They have tried many a times but Polye always triumphs over their evil plans.

Polye believes in two mites which can never be defeated by desperados:

1. God's power and will &;
2. People's power.

Yesterday truck loads of people were transported to Kandep from other parts of Enga and Southern Highlands provinces to make up for a crowd with an intention to paint a magnified picture to please the Prime Minister. Local voters were outnumbered by visitors.

Polye has not been moved by Prime Minister's visit to Kandep yesterday (Thursday).

The truth is Prime Minister has denied the people of Kandep of services worth more than K80 million. For instance, Kandep's DSIPs have been slashed by 70 to 80 percent since 2013.

Will the majority of the people believe in someone with 'many tongues' who have denied the people of necessary funds to suit his political convenience?

The people must be commended for being loyal to their leader. They are smart and intelligent in politics as a first-born son of Enga.

In 2012, Polye recorded his re-election on primary votes by over 13,000 votes difference to his second-fiddler who scored less than 12, 000 votes. Most of the supporters of rival candidates, including Manase have surrendered to Polye and vowed to support him this election.

With this new support base, Polye is overwhelmingly confident to reclaim his seat on primary votes again by over 30,000 votes this election, a history-making record in PNG politics to give a landslide victory to Kandep Open seat contenders.

For O'Neill he has visited his own electorate for three times in a short space of time.
Why would Polye do the same when he knows it very well that he commands absolute majority support.

He has been absent in the electorate to campaign for his candidates across PNG. Kandep seat is in his iron-fist grip.
He was in Hela province, especially Kopiago yesterday.

The people of Kandep are not fools. They know whom to vote for and that is none other than Hon. Don Pomb Polye.

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