Sunday, 4 June 2017

A beautiful fresh orrange market in Jiwaka


A beautiful clean market made totally of forest natural material.

Mainly oranges are sold here. Big juicy sweet oranges. As well as sugar fruit..mandarins..bananas..papaya....peanuts..ginger...greens..pineapple..

The fruit and vegetables are superb quality with the best prices.

Our womenfolk there insisted that their market sell no manufactured product and no illicit substances.

There is no buai and no smokes.

The area is immaculately clean.

I bought queen pineapples for K5! Sugar fruit bunches at K2 each! 3 cucumbers for K2! 5 mandarins for K2! Ginger bunch for K1! A bunch of ripe bananas for K5!

The vendors were beautiful helpful and totally customer oriented!

Such efforts give me hope. I find them everywhere. Most of the proponents and leaders in this are our wonderful and often unrecognized womenfolk.

They tell us what we could all be if we all made the effort.

Support PNG.


  1. Norm Gibson Haiai4 June 2017 at 04:30

    Governor, I know the exact spot you're referring to.
    A must stop for me when I lived in Kange Land!

  2. Hon governor. You were at muli market. The roadside market along Highlands Highway. Safe travelling

  3. Wils Kosi-Parinare4 June 2017 at 04:32

    Safe travels, Thank you for that, home away for the city is where we see the real png, away for the hustle & bustle where life is about living honesty,loyally,respectfully, with empathy . Our people out here don't ask for much, however they give so much in return. I salute in your efforts to" TAKE PNG BACK " ,Full Support ! :-)

  4. Gideon Wilson Kend4 June 2017 at 04:33

    Hi Governor I have an idea inside me that I must tell you now. Can our incoming government stop importing fruits from Australia & NZ and elsewhere and fund all farmers in PNG that grow freshy juicy fruits like oranges and many other fruits and sell them in our big cities like Pom & Lae super markets and generate income for the economy? We have best fruits locally grown yet gov has turned blind eye on that. This is one better way of making landowners till the land and create more jobs also making every young men on the streets and citizens make a better Living. It saddening to see our farmers (mothers) sitting in the market all day and week with their best quality produce while customers becomes limited because everyone is selling the same thing. Just idea.

  5. Pihindraleih Ayan4 June 2017 at 04:34

    If only we can bring such fruits and fresh veggies to our supermarkets in bigger centers in the country...or other south pacific countries...

  6. Iruna Rogakila4 June 2017 at 04:36

    Find it amazing rich organic natural fruits here whilst our supermarkets flooded with imported fruits. Can this chain supermarkets also buy from local producers?.. What's the best policy from Agriculture Dept and NAQIA? Limit certain quantity imported annually whilst increase to buy local veggies at the supermarket shelves..