Friday, 5 May 2017

While PNG's political rivals getting 'fiery' each day on social media: - An 'opportunist' got himself caught in-between and was exposed.

MANY social media news readers would know who Bryan Kramer is and what he does on social media, Facebook groups in PNG. He has been providing some insights into some of the most complex issues of national interest such as the 'PNG Community College Scandal in Singapore' and the most controversial Paraka Saga and Prime Minister's warrant of 

While he provides a better 'explained' perspective from legal simplicity for ordinary citizens on social media to read and digest, he also gives a balanced view of the issues and some insights into it. Many readers on social media enjoy his articles.

Most of what he writes exposes corruption. That's what PNG knows about Bryan Kramer, one of the PNG's best social media reporters and analyst.
His is now contesting the Madang Open Seat occupied by Hon. Nixon Duban (PNC) under PANGU party banner.

Recently, some corruption supporter or better to say O'Neill government supporter decided to make an attempt to attack him (Bryan Kramer) with a Facebook commentary and he got his share of a strong reply from Bryan Kramer below.    
This is what Bryan Kramer had to say about what Damien Nomdul wrote in Madang Development Forum on Facebook and what readers on social media comment about Kramer's respond to Nomdul.

Bryan Kramer asks, WHO IS DAMIEN W NOMDUL???

I've recently noted a person by the name of Damien Nomdul posting and commenting on Madang facebook pages critical of myself and supporting Nixon Duban.

His most recent comment in response to my article about my posters being torn down.

"Bryan Kramer , why you so desperate if you know that this Madang Province News Forum and yet you post those media propaganda rubbish in all other forums."

So who is Damien Nomdul?

He is from Imbonggu in Southern Highlands Province. I first met Damien in Port Moresby in 2015 while he was studying UPNG. He introduced himself as UPNG Pangu Pati Interim Committee. He explained he wanted to arrange students from SHP to carryout awareness against O'Neill Government during semester break.

Damien would text me from time to time on his thoughts about removing O'Neill and forming new government as well as endorsing Pangu Candidates in the SHP.

An interesting text he sent in 2016 was that he claimed he heard there is guy that helped Nixon Duban win the elections.

"Hi Bryan I heard there is guy who helped Nixon Duban win. He owns a club at Madang and he is from Ialibu, SHP. I know this guy and we will strategise on that and come up with some good plans."

"This guy helped Nixon with money to bribe as he heard of it last week n will brief u" he texted.

While I'm yet to confirm who this person Mr. Nomdul is referring to what I do know is the only night club in Madang that is owned by a person from Ialibu Pangia is Seafarers Club. The owners are Dr Thomas Kainge and Dr Pakule from Ialibu-Pangia.

It is also public knowledge that Duban was found guilty of committing bribery in 2012 General Elections and his election voided.

I'm also aware that in September 2016 Mr. Duban donated K150,000 of District Funds to Mr and Mrs Pakule Club to purportedly fund a non- existent music school.

A further fact is that a road construction company from the same electorate as Peter O'Neill has been awarded most if not all the road contracts in Madang in the past 5 years while Madang's own indigenous companies namely AMRI Transport (Amele Riwo) incorporated even before independence has been ignored.

Now somewhere between 2016-2017 it seems Mr. Nomdul has back flipped and now O'Neil and Duban's staunch supporter. The question is why? Why is Mr Nomdul who has no connection to Madang, not from here, or a citizen committing his time to posting in Madang forums? Perhaps he can confirm the name of friend from SHP is?

On that note I'd like to thank Mr. Nomdul, his derogatory comments and posts against me motivated me to revisit his text messages sent back in 2016 to under cover some interesting issues that need answers to.

I'm sure he can now use his time wisely trying to explain to Mr O'Neill and Mr Duban about his text messages to me.

..........................comments from readers on social media.................
Damien got at least 3 different Facebook accounts as Damien W. Nomdul, Damien Wendo Nomdul and Diamel W. Nomdul currently using profile photograph not belong to him and posting in many of the social media groups things against the PNG Opposition team. His profile photo on his Facebook account is a photo of Dulciana Somare (daughter of Sir Michael Somare and a PANGU party candidate for the East Sepik Regional Seat).

While noticing that he was using Dulciana's photo, a Petoro Ainui comment as follows, "Who the fuck are you?! Why are you using Dulciana SB her picture as your profile pic. You asrse licker shit - just put down and put up a picture of yourself licking Po's arse."

Bryan Kramer's response above was posted on the following popular PNG Facebook groups and the comments are as follows:

PNG Facebook groups:

3) Paitim Garamut
6) Lae City
8) Eastern Highlands Election 2017 Forum
11) LAE Open Seat - 2017 [AHI LLG & LULLG]

Below are some of the comments from members of the above FB groups:
...PNC clown, Hypocrite, Another con artist, Special type of stupid.

...A lunatic, hypocrite n an opportunist seeking favor n recognition!!!

...What goes around comes around..he should start digging his own grave..(a political prostitute)

...What a hypocrite..! You politics you can't trust a person..

....That person is a Judas Iscariot .Don't trust him,he just try to find some ways to trap you so that he can used it against you.Just ignore these lunatic idiot.

....A bad Hypocrite person he is…he is someone who look for means and ways for extracting handouts from opportunities… Its up to O'neill and Duban to decide this man's faith….

....He undermined your intelligence BK. Little kids like him shouldn't play around with big boys like you or they'll end up making a fool of themselves.

....He smells like a Gold Digger to me!
expelled from his own ples and trying to find a fit elsewhere in society

....He is an opportunist and a professional beggar.

....That same guy posted garbage about Samuel H. Basil on Wau Bulolo Forum......I personally requested Forum admin to remove him.

....Read a post from this same guy posting about Juffa and Polye hijacking an hospital theatre opening in Oro. He sure is pro-Oneil

....He posts shit posts in favor of PNC, when asked by people in their comments to clarity, explain or prove statements made in his posts he does not. He is an expert in the disappearing act. This is his twin brother...

....Opportunist! Big shame. Thanks BK for exposing another small corrupt PNC in the making.

....He always tainted bad image of Sir Mekere in Fly River forum and PNGSDP issue and a strong advocate for PNC. Noticed a couple of times. Good is true identity is revealed. Sorry mate.

....What a shame for this Southern Highlander to be nosy in the affairs of the people of Madang. You don't have anything good to do in your own corrupted backyard before you get yourself ditched in the mud. Shame!shame! shame!

.....That's the gay who torn down your posters.
Get him arrest bro.

.....All the best Damien W Nomdul in your explanation to O'Neill and Duban! WOK YU APPLY LO EM YA!

....What goes around comes back around, Nombul loses at is own game. What a clown. Thanks for that Kramer.

....Nomd"hull" is PNG's modern day version of Judas Iscariot! Useless pig blo Satan!

....Fool he is.....em kam aut ples klia....
BK, would it be possible to post Nomdul's text on PNCs Page.?

....Opportunity seeker. Con man at the mosy.

....I've been viewing some posts for this fellow Damien,his too much criticism and lack proper report and analysis for good debate.hehe.

....No where to hide people. That's the power of social networking. If our mainstream media is entertaining certain people, it does not matter. We can always fall back on our social network and dig out the truth (eventually after filtering out all craps). Reveal more of those corrupt people and let's get back into building our nation, and bring back confidence to our sovereign independent country - Papua New Guinea 🇵🇬...Go PANG

....Wow, interesting story for ND. BK you know what to do, please let justice take its course for the people of Madang.

....A well educated leech. Good back to Ialibu and ply your trade there. Kaikai man.

....A good reminder, Mr Bryan, Everyone be advised to comment on political activities in his/her electorate or province and not to disturb other electorate or provinces. Don't be an opportunist.

....This guy Damien Nomdul is also posting on oro group....recently he has been posting negative comments about oro governor Gery Juffa in oro fb now i know...he must be paid to do what he is doing.....he's got to be PNC agent...well in oro group, he was told, " go away, oro is Juffa country".

....Amazing how the past can come back and bite, eh!!
Well done in keeping these past facts and events recorded.
We all know this Duban fellow and his sleazy tricks and the way that the construction company has slithered into every province where there are lucrative contracts, generally at the expense of genuine "home" contractors who support their own region.
Now with this scribe who now seems to be glued to the PM and the PNC, the answer is simple......
Not capable of standing himself, and the money that lubricates his jaw muscles is probably too good to pass up.

.....he's posting everywhere promoting PO and PNC .. such of his kind would even sell his bum for the right price .. the thing here is that as much he has tried to discredit others and promote po and pnc .. he's just made things worse for his master as his long meaningless posts with little depth has turned people against him and strengthen the resolve to kick his masters' arses to political and personal oblivion ...

Damien's exchange of text messages with Bryan Kramer.

Image of Dulciana Somare that he uses on his Facebook profile.


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