Thursday, 11 May 2017

The Highlands highway needs the K80-million most than the Pangia road


Markham Highway, Eastern Highlands Province and Simbu sections of the Highlands Highway must be given the priority before Pangia with K80-million spending!

A massive K80 million for a 20km road, that's a four million Kina (K4m) per kilometre but from practice sub base to bitumen at the best and honest price it would cost K600 to K750,000.00 or say less than a million Kina.

The government could have saved more than K2-million per km if they negotiated the price properly, honestly and transparently.

The other issue is that containers gets unloaded from Lae Port and then makes its way up the Highlands Highway.

Markham Highway through to Eastern Highlands, Simbu and Jiwaka needs urgent attention not Pangia, it is like repairing a broken step ladder one must start from the base up and not up down.

How can we bring containers to Pangia when Markham, EHP and Chimbu sections of the road is broken? Where is the common sense?

Why are the engineers and the funding agency allowing this project to be delivered at;
1). runaway price
2). choosing the wrong location to start off with

This is corruption happening under our eyes and it continues right into the eve of the 2017 National Elections.

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