Thursday, 11 May 2017

"Manus is notorious as the Asylum Centre and nothing more," writes a concerned Manusian


AS a Manusian having the opportunity of growing up in different towns in PNG, I always looked forward to the holidays when I could travel home. As a child and now an adult and a parent myself with teenagers, I find it disgusting that our leaders before have done very little to help enhance and develop our people's lives in our province.

 In fact we have reduced ourselves from being the brains of PNG to just a mere small province in PNG's north and lost that identity of being the smartest people. Right now Manus is notorious as the Asylum center and nothing more. 

There is no change in terms of development and our people's views to looking forward to a better life has been made insignificant by the rhetoric leadership experienced since independence. This is terribly wrong. 

People need to know it is not right to have less and not have better. People need to know it is not right to accept poverty, low level of education, hardship of having ends meet just to live life. People need to know life can be better if they choose the right leader. People need to choose a leader and not just a wantok, a brother, a sister, a relative. 

If we don't make the right decision now, we have ourselves to blame for our loss after the elections. I believe so much in this leader James Kiele and I know he can advocate and support the change that we all need in our lives. Take a moment to learn more about James Kiele for Manus Open Seat, box 16.


  1. Indeed Mr Kiele is correct. We have in Manus, leaders (not Lapan)that do a lot of talking, yet can't deliver. We have Leader that can deliver, but the advise they get lack substances, we leaders that talks a lot all day long and we have leaders ONLY think about their own popularity.

    Time is ripe to be a servant of all Manus people.

    James Liuliu Kiele is the Leader Manus people deserve.

  2. True. PNG needs change and there is so much corruption in the system, we need good leaders like him. Thanks.