Saturday, 27 May 2017

Supporting locally owned businesses (SMEs) is the first best thing every citizens should be doing but we failed.


WHEN in Goroka this is where I stay (photograph below). Emmanuel Lodge and Apartments near Pacific Gardens. A quiet friendly place owned by Papua New Guineans.

The price is very competitive and it's location central. Its exceptionally clean, spacious and has great service.

Everywhere I go I see Papua New Guineans struggling to participate in doing business in their own country and I see resilience, courage and determination to succeed despite the odds. 

I see the survivor instinct and the underdog tag. It makes me determined to do my best to help where I can.

For now, all I can do is be their voice and give them encouragement and business.

If we all did that, we shall surely progress. Helping a PNG SME helps employ other Papua New Guineans and their families.

Stay at PNG owned establishments when you can. In Goroka I recommend Emmanuella Apartments near Pacific Gardens to anyone looking for a stay.

Additional Notes:
Papua New Guinea needs strategic and innovative leadership. We need that patriotic stewardship. We lack wisdom, foresight and strategic decisions. We have everything that a nation needs to have and wants to prosper. But we need one magic thing that is being patriotic and unity for the 8-billion people.  

In the O'Neill-Dion Government, many MPs were offered money and being manipulated easily by money when it comes to stand up for the rights of the people. This was very clear at the time of Vote of No Confidence! Politicians who love money are the ones who will destroy this rich country.

Many of our international friends including US and Australia are talking about us citing we are corrupted and cannot manage ourselves. Well that is true when we have money-lover politicians voted in every time.

Its an unfortunate situation but we continue to blindly vote in wrong leaders and who get in to think about themselves and not their people - the very people who gave them the mandate.

Supporting local business and growing our own SME is the first best thing not only the politicians but every citizens should be doing but we failed.

We all need unity and oneness to help grow ourselves. Without being patriotic and united, we cannot prosper.

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