Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Start to get to know your political party and its leader - 2017 National General Elections

Start knowing your candidates and their party now and vote wisely because this will determine the next prime minister of the nation. Apart from an independent candidate, your candidate may be in one of these parties listed below (with party leaders):

Hon. Sam Basil (Pangu Party)

Hon. Don Polye (Triumph Heritage Empowerment Party)

Hon. Patrick Pruaitch (National Alliance Party)

Hon. Ben Micah (People's Progress Party)

Hon. Belden Namah (PNG Party)

Mr. Joseph Yopyyopy (Melanesian Alliance Party)

Hon. Bire Kimisopa (New Generation Party)

Hon. Garry Juffa (People's Movement for Change Party)

Hon. Kerenga Kua (PNG National Party)

Hon. Powes Parkop (Social Democratic Party)

Mr. Paul Paraka (Grass Roots United Front Party)

Hon. Peter O'Neil (People's National Congress Party)

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