Thursday, 25 May 2017

People's National Congress is not for Papua New Guinea (PNC is not 4 PNG) - 2017 National General Election.

#PNC is not 4 PNG, rather People's National Congress Party is not for Papua New Guinea is a counter statement to the slogan #PNC4PNG which is claimed being plagiarised or copied from the university student's initiative in June 2016, #UPNG4PNG. 

The students have fought for the change of the Government when seeing the mismanagement of the country's economy and Prime Minister failing to succumb to the rule of law when Police requested him for an interview in the Paraka Saga.  

The student unrest occurred in June 2016 and by now (May 2017) it is evident that the O'Neill-Dion Government has mismanaged the country economy with more loans at an unprecedented debts level.

Corruption has ripe to the peak when Prime Minister disband the Investigative Task Force Sweep Team (ITFS) to fight against corruption - which was established through a NEC decision by the O'Neill-Dion Government but when it turned around and bite its own figures, the Prime Minister disbanded it and directing the Police Commissioner to destroy the files on Paraka saga that involves the Prime Minister.

For a young and growing country like Papua New Guinea, this is too bad. It is to the extreme of corruption and manipulation of government institutions and bending laws to cover corruption.    

As a direct result of too much borrowing (international loans) and high-level corruption by the Prime Minister Peter O'Neill and his government, the country is crying to see a change in the government. The country is now going into the polls in June/July 2017- power is back in the hands of the people! 

Below is a list why Papua New Guineans must not send the PNC-led Government into Parliament again. 

1). PNC government disbanded the Corruption Task Force Sweep Team which was the most powerful and effective weapon against corruption. (Just that the dog turned and bite its own master, it was killed)

2). PNC led government increased the country's debt level from K17 billion by the Somare regime to K29 plus billion.

3). PNC government undermined the constitution of PNG state which builds the fabrics of all systems by not being submissive to the rule of law.

4). By doing so, PNC government compromised the most prestige and highest seat of this land; prime minister seat.

5). PNC government's term has seen increase in tax and inflation, with depleting foreign reserves causing difficulty to purchase expensive goods from overseas.

6). PNC led government has ordered state machine guns and bullets to penetrate students' flesh and to date, nothing has been done.

7). PNC led government has promised the citizens of this land that the Manumanu land dealing will be put to light within three(3) weeks and since then, it's going up to three(3) months now.

Fellow citizens, these are just few to affirm that PNC is not 4 PNG! 

PNC is for something else! 

If you love your families, tribesmen, and your country, VOTE OUT PNC! 

Vote candidate that are not in PNC to form the NEW Government for a better PNG. 

Our Choice, Our Future!

Some of the Official PNC Party Candidates to contest the 2017 NGE.

1.Hon. Peter O'niel - Ialibu Pangia Open
2.Hon. James Lagea-Kagua Erave Open
3 .Hon. Francis Awesa - Imbonggu Open
4.Hon. De Kawanu - Mendi Open
5 .Hon. Jeffrey Komal-Nipa Kutubu Open
6.Hon. William Powi - Regional SHP
7.Hon. Philip Undialu-Hela Regional
8.Hon. James Marape-Tari Pori Open
9.Hon. Peter Ipatas - Enga Regional
10.Hon. John Pundari-Kopiam Ambum Open
11.Alfred Manase - Kandep Open
12.Hon. Benjamin Poponawa-Tambul-Nebilyer Open
13.Hon. Tobias Kulang-Kundiawa-Kembogl Open
14.Hon. Robert Atiafa-Henganoffi Open
15.Don Sawong-Kabum Open
16.Hon. Powess Parkop-NCD Regional
17.Hon. Justin
Tkatchenko- POM South Open
18.Hon. Micheal Malabag-POM Northwest Open
19.Hon. Labi Amaiu-POM North East Open
20.Hon. David Arore-Oro Regional
21.Hon. Charles Abel-Alotau open
22.Hon. Leo Dion-ENB Regional
23.Hon. Sanidra Mutuvel-WNB Regional
24.Hon. Dihlala Gore-Sohe Open
25.Bruce Madado-Goilala Open
26.Hon. Benny Allan-Unggai Bena Open
27.Hon. Mao Zeming-Tuwa siasi Open
28. Sasa Zibe-Huon Gulf Open
29.Miki Kaeok-Wapenamada open
30.Hon. Nixon Duban-Madang Open
31.Paru Aihi-Kairuku Open
32.Hon. Kila Haoda-Central Regional
33.Hon. Richard Maru-Yangoru Sasoya Open
34.Hon. Jim Simatab-Wewak Open
35.Hon. Lauta Atoi-North Bougainville Open
36.Hon.Ereman ToBainag jr-Kokopo Open
37.Hon.Nick Kuman-Gumine Open
38.Hon. Ano Pala-Rigo Open
39.Hon.Solan Mirism-Teleformine Open
40.Guma Wau-Kerowagi Open
41.Hon. Julie SOSO-EHP Regional
42.Hon. Therefore Zurenuoc-Finchaffen open
43.Hon. Paul Isikiel-Marhkam open
44.Hon.Davis Seven
45.Hon. Jim Miringtoro-North Bougainville
46.Hon. Roy Biyama-Western Regional
47.Hon. Douglas Tomuriesa
48.Hon. Havila Kavo-Gulf Regional
49.Hon. Francis Marus
50.Hon. Sir Puka Temu-Abau Open
51.Sheldon Deilala-Ijivitari open
52.Willie Owbau Inaru-Vanimo Green Open

  • Please note that not all PNC candidates for 2017 National General Election are on this list. 
Source: Facebook


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