Sunday, 7 May 2017

Pangu Pati MOROBEAN TEAM of Candidates for the 2017 NGE.

by Hon. SAM BASIL 

FOR the first time Pangu Pati will sign an MoU with those candidates if they become MPs to spend more than half of their time in their respective electorates and provinces.

Pangu Pati policy planners will be involved in planning their districts and provinces 5 YDP to effectively deliver on Pangu's policies and developmental agendas as promised during the electioneering period.

With this team of Morobean candidates to be MPs, many outstanding issues of Morobe Province and Lae City will be dealt with effectively on the floor of Tutumang as a solid team.

Strengthening of Ward areas and capacity building of the 33 LLGs of Morobe Province will be our priority number one.

The long lost NBC's shortwave frequency (SW 1 & 2) and Medium Wave Frequency transmission will be activated with new equipments including refurbishments of our NBC's building and assets.

Reestablishment of the NBC's Short Wave and Medium Wave for rural Papua New Guinea will also be our national priority.

Reestablishment of the Department of Works & Works Camps throughout all national Highways in Papua New Guinea is also our priority.

This will stamp out expensive private contractors together with their inflated costs that consumes bulk of our budgeted/unbudgeted funds.

Roads connecting Lae/Salamaua/Morobe/Waria, Bukawa/Finchafen/Wasu and Wantoat/Teptep will be our priority to connect those vital links for services and agricuiture to grow Morobe.

We will fund all defunct rural airstrips throughout Morobe Province to be operational once again, while investing into third level airline operators to provide cheap and subsidised air transport services.

This will also be out national priority.

Lae bus stops and marketing areas for rural Morobe district farmers and villagers will be prioritised to ensure we look after rural folks better in their provincial capital.

Financial & Administration Autonomy for Morobe Province, creation of new electorates, LLGs and Ward areas including split of East, West Morobe and the establishment of Lae City Commission will also be on our agenda.

We will consult the Morobe people and work closely together with them to make those important changes for our province.

Those are just some highlights of many things that we the Pangu team can do for our province and our nation Papua New Guinea.

For the first time we have a political party leader from Morobe who knows what to do with his Morobean Team of Pangu candidates.

For the first time we have a Morobean leader who is fearless and is ready to fight the fight of forming a new government for the people.

After 40 years of independence, Morobe this is your time and this is your team, the Pangu Pati team.

Pangu was born here in Morobe, we served other leaders in the past with loyalty, this is our time let's do it - ASASUMBA who says no!

Our team comprises;
1. Sam Basil - Pati Lida Bulolo Open. BOX 30

2. Kenedy Wenge - Nawaeb Open. BOX 44

3. Ginson Saonu - Morobe Regional. BOX 10

4. Dr Kobby Bomareo. BOX 29

5. Jason Peter - Huon Gulf. BOX 19

6. Harding Qoreka - Kabwum. BOX 29

7. Thomas N Pelika - Menyamya. BOX 26

8. Koni Iguan - Markham Open. BOX 21

9. Samson Ambil - Lae Open. BOX 43

10. Rembo Paita Towo - Finchafen. BOX 46

Pangu save long rot.

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