Sunday, 7 May 2017

Polye says election is peaceful so far; no need to deploy military as it will disturb the tranquility (peacefulness) of the election.

PNG Opposition Leader Don Polye has called on the Prime Minister Peter O'Neill to stop making unpopular decisions which are being dictated by biased intelligence, following a decision to deploy a platoon each for his Kandep and Laiagam Porgera districts.

Polye said the Provincial Police Commanders should take lead in providing internal security during the elections.

He stated that two MPs, including himself, respresenting these seats were members of THE party, adding why not similar deployment was done in other districts (Wabag, Ambum-Kompiam and Wapenamanda) held by MPs of the ruling PNC party and United party respectively.

Polye warned the Army Commander, a relative of O'Neill, to strickly adhere to laws of the country to ensure he does not breach them whilst suiting the government's political expediency.

He called on them to provide external security and leave internal security alone to police, saying if need be their service can be rendered only upon request.

"ENGA province has now become a THE party base. Are they here to rig the election so that Ipatas and his other friends can get re-elected," he said.

The primary role, he said, of the PNGDF is to provide external security.

He stated adequate presence of the military was absent at PNG-Indonesian border where he visited on Saturday.

Polye called on international observers to take note of it.

Watch this statement on the video.


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