Saturday, 27 May 2017

Opposition Leader made historical visit to remote Kandrian-Gloucester

KANDEP MP Don Polye is the first sitting Opposition Leader to visit remote Nutannavua village of Kaliai-Kove LLG last week.

The village is located at the North-Coast of Kandrian-Gloucester district in West New Britain province.

Former Prime Minister and New Ireland governor Sir Julius Chan, as a sitting PM, set his foot there in 1980s.

Polye and his candidates-WNB Regional William Bill Gare and Walter Lunga for Kandrian-Gloucester open arrived on Friday at the mainland of the village in a helicopter to yet another red carpet treatment.

As is the tradition, traditional mat or moe in Kove dailect was rolled out to Polye and his delegation.

They were transported to the island village from the mainland on a traditional outrigger canoe.

Polye was initiated as their chief or Mahoni in local language. Earlier he was made the Chief of Bola village of Talasea district.

Similar welcome was accorded to him at Gloucester station where he visited after the island villlage's occasion.

His Bialla visit also saw voters flocked in numbers to welcome him and his candidates on Thursday.

Locals surrended their arrow or iro in local dailect by forcefully plugging it into the ground to signify that they were all up to support Triumph Heritage Empowerment (THE) party and its candidates in the province.

His warm welcome was witnessed by more than 3700 people.
In his speech candidate Walter Lunga shared with Polye and Gare the plight of the people.

He said cocoa, copra, coffee and other cash crops only rot away in storage due to lack of the road transporting it to a closer market.

Mr Walter said they always wished for a better road fully connecting the district with the rest of the province.
Gare said he would deliver the road to the people if elected this election.

He added that they were neglected for a long time.
Polye promised K100 million for this road if his THE party formed the government in September with an additional K250 million for coffee and its price support fund in the coast, including those in the district.

"Our government will transform the current policy regime in distributing wealth to the provinces.

Those provinces which contribute more to national purse will get bigger slice of the National Budget. One such province is West New Britain," he told a cheering crowd.

He called on the people to vote his candidates into Parliament for the betterment of PNG. 

Rose Peter decorating Polye with traditional neck dresses at Nutannavua village.....

Polye and his candidates being ushered by dancers into the stage at Gloucester station....

Gerard Kaluai presenting a traditional plate to Polye at Nutannavua village......

Cosmas Gass presenting a wooden carving of eagle to Polye at Nutannavua village......

Bill Apamumu presenting a traditional kundu drum to Polye at Nutannavua village....

Bill Apamumu presenting a traditional kundu drum to Polye at Nutannavua village...

Traditional mat or moe in Kove dialect was rolled out to Polye and his candidates at Nutannavua village....

Polye and his delegation led to the stage at Nutannavua village in Kandrian Gloucestor district.

 Polye being led to the stage by 6-year old Jossie Ronald and Jonally Ronald,4, of Morobe and East New Britain parentage in Kimbe town.

Anna Moligi adoring Polye with a traditional head dress at Nutannavua village.

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