Wednesday, 17 May 2017

National Alliance Party's withdrawal and its resignation from the Government commendable but a late move, says Opposition Leader

THE tearing of 5-year political marriage between the National Alliance (NA) party and the ruling People's National Congress party is commendable yet 'too late,' Opposition Leader Don Polye said last week.

Commenting on NA's withdrawal and resignation from the government, Mr Polye said the move was not in the best interest of the country but to satisfy its 'petty bed issues.'

"I needed Hon. Patrick Pruaitch and his lieutenants in July, 2016 when the Opposition moved a vote of No-Confidence against the Prime Minister.

"Our people have desperately wanted a change in the country's leadership amidst rife in corruption levelled against the executive government, serial breaking of rule of law, embezzlement of public funds and economic mismanagement," he said.

Polye recalled that NA party was offered good economic ministries or even the PM's post in a bid for them to defect from the government and join the Opposition camp when the lobbying intensified then.

He further said they dropped the offer to remain committed and loyal to the marriage.
According to Polye, he was warning the Prime Minister and Pruaitch about their bad economic management of PNG.

"The couples were so ignorant. Pruaitch was tight lipped. Prime Minister was defensive and did not take heed of my advice.
"NA's move, when the country is three weeks into the election, begs many questions. I ask our voters not to be convinced by their desperation to seek sympathy at the polls," he said.

Polye stated that all parties in government should be equally responsible for sufferings inflicted on citizens.

PNG Opposition Leader Hon. Don Polye being greeted by inhabitants of Asu Talait settlement in Lae, Morobe province.
 Image: PNG Opposition Media Unit.


  1. Polye, do you think NA will bow to your request when it was you who orchestrated the breakaway from NA to form a new Government with Peter O'Niel as your Prime Minister. Your dealing with an elephant brain Polye. You created the initial mass and now you want NA to support you, sorry, its payback time...and NA is not a puppet that can be easily moved around to suit one's interest.

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