Friday, 26 May 2017

Locals in Tambul-Nebilyer say MP's vehicle was stoned in frustration - PNC party man failed to deliver services

THE locals in Tambul-Nebilyer, Western Highlands Province, claimed yesterday (24/05/17) that Labour and Industrial Relations Minister Benjamin Poponawa’s vehicle was damaged because of their frustration at lack of service delivery.

Businessman Thomas Pus, land mediator Isaac Irua and public servant Paul John yesterday said Tambul-Nebilyer district, which Mr Poponawa represented, lacked vital government services, and the whole public services machinery system in the district was not functioning.

They claimed that during Mr Poponawa’s 10 years in Parliament, no tangible development came into the district, while roads, health services and schools were deteriorating.

“Yes, some boys stoned his vehicle and smashed a side glass because they were frustrated with the lack of vital services. We can replace the glass, and the MP to ensure we catch up with the other three districts of the province,” Mr Pus said.

They claimed the voters were not happy with the current state of affairs, adding that the district functions and services were below par and rated as “poor functioning”.

Mr Poponawa said his vehicle was damaged by supporters of a rival candidate in Pinja village along the Highlands Highway in Upper Nebilyer during a gathering.

The trio said nobody in his right mind would have done such a thing without good reasons.

“Ten years is enough, we can’t go on envying the other districts receiving services while we go backwards. It was an act of frustration,” Mr Irua said.

In an earlier report by Post Courier, it says supporters of a named candidate stoned the MP's vehicle. However, be the supporters nor a frustrated group of people who really need service delivery - a PNC candidate's vehicle is stoned. Find below the previous story:

*PNC Party candidate and Labour Minister Benjamin Poponawa's car got stoned in Tambul-Nebilyer

Source: Post Courier.


  1. Stop all these craps, we have the power to vote and decision is in our hands to vote non performing candidates out. Incidents as such will only create problems among our people.

  2. Han make blo em stap were?
    Em stap long Tambul oo.
    Nogat han mark blo you long Nebilyer, Shame on you, kuk blo O'Neil,

  3. He got what he deserved! The population these days are more well informed than in previous years. If those sitting MPs lie thru their teeth continuously, they will feel the wrath of the people.

  4. DON'T BLAME ANYONE UNLESS YOU'RE INNOCENT!!.That's what you get when people are tired and angry for not delivering services..what goes around comes around.we can't escape will only reap what you sow!

  5. PNC has delivered so much in a short time, small street kids using fb to smear PMs reputation is uncalled for. Talk about the good magical policies you nominated candidates or parties have and convince the voters. stop the smear tactics by blind kids and candidates who has nothing to offer.

  6. Seems there is More Bad News For PNC:
    PNC REJECTED IN YANGORU-SAUSIA as Richard Wata Maru posted on the Breaking News PNG page on facebook. MP Richard Maru and his team got stoned at Wyomungu village, Mongan Ring Sausso LLG (Yangoru-Saussia Electorate). The planned gathering did not take place after the stoning. Its unfortunate but it goes to show the people's growing frustration against the MP and PNC. No more lies on FB please, Sausso people have had enough marginalising for 5 years. It's time to take back our lost opportunities and set the path towards prosperity. A few of Mr. Maru's supporters were injured while two policemen escorting the minister were also manhandled and their pistols taken during the confrontation.