Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Polye misses Parliament session to meet prominent church leader

PNG Opposition Leader Don Polye forwent Parliament session today (Tuesday) to receive the Seventh - day Adventist church’s world evangelist Doug Batchelor and wife Karen at the Kagamuga airport.

Batchelor and his wife with their delegation touched down today in a chartered plane to a red-carpet treatment by the church leaders and the Opposition Leader. They departed the airport along a corridor made of people with the church faithfuls waving, singing and clapping.

Batchelor is an author, evangelist and the director of Amazing Facts. Over 60,000 people braved the down pour to take a glimpse of the Batchelors, Mr Polye and the church leaders at Hatti community in Hagen, Western Highlands.

Polye was invited by the Western Highlands mission to officiate at a week crusade.
The Opposition Leader, a member of the church, commended fellow church members for tidying up Mt Hagen city to its glorious days.

Polye shaking hands with World evangelist Doug Batchelor at the Kagamuga airport in Western Highland province today.

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