Sunday, 12 March 2017

Has corruption in PNG find a new twist? Inciting trouble and disturbing community peace is a criminal offense but in Enga it is normal.

IN preparing of the national general elections coming up in May, several candidates in Enga Province have resorted to influence the youths with undue pressure including intoxication with alcohol and marijuana. 

Kandep MP and Opposition leader Don Polye has urged those candidates to refrain from making youths drunk with alcohol and marijuana to incite problems in the province.

"It was the duty of leaders to set good precedence and promote high values for future generation to live by," Polye says.

“Giving out liquor licences to their cronies and supporters under the pretext of early campaign is not an attribute of leadership,” he told yet another record crowd in Sirunki, Enga province on Friday (10/03/17).

Polye has expressed a concern that liquor outlets in the province have proliferated like mushrooms.

“It is satanic and wicked. As you can see, candidates have been buying beer and marijuana for youths to psyche them up to cause troubles. It is not right for leaders,” he warned.

Leaders, he said, empower youths economically, leaving them with choices of buying it themselves with their own money if they wish to.

“That is why law and order problem in the province is rife. It has also contributed to the country’s law and order problem tally. Leaders must discourage this.

“Our Triumph Heritage Empowerment stands on values. We are set to change this kind of leadership in the province and the country as a whole,” he said.

Mr Polye was in Sirunki to launch an orchid farmers association and T.H.E rugby league cup.

The people of Sirunki donated two land cruisers to THE party for logistics.

Opposition Leader Don Polye speaking to the Enga people. Image: PNG Opposition Media/PR.


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