Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Don Polye promises to reinstate Investigation Task Force Sweep (ITFS) if he gets to form the next government after 2017 elections


PORT MORESBY: Implementing the recommendations of the Commission of Inquiry into the Finance Department will be the Opposition’s first business when it comes into office, Opposition Leader Don Polye told reporters at a dinner in Port Moresby yesterday (Monday). 

Mr Polye said it would couple with other recommendations of similar COIs, including the Special Agriculture Business Lease. 

“However, the first things must be done first. We must get the house in order. We must aggressively resurrect the Task Force Sweep, the Police Force, Judiciary system, Independent Commission Against Corruption, Ombudsman Commission, Public Prosecutor’s office, the Auditor General’s office and the public service as a whole,” he said.

Implementation of the recommendations, he said, will run parallel with strengthening the systems.

“We know there are some key people implicated in the Finance CIO. They are heading both the government and the public service. That is why the recommendations have been overlooked. They have been shelved away collecting dusts. When the alternative government comes into office, we will fight corruption like never before by start prosecuting these people implicated,” an outspoken Polye said.

He admitted that the alternative government would be forced to make some tough decisions to cut down on wastage of public funds, adding the public service will be overhauled and restructured to save up to K2 billion.

“I have done some mathematics. We can save up to K2 billion if we do this. In the restructuring and overhauling exercise, we will park Departments of National Planning and Community Development in the Department of Prime Minister and NEC. We will abolish the Public Service Commission and the Chief Secretary’s position.

“Similar merger will be done in the Petroleum industry. Most of the functions and responsibilities have been duplicated and cost our taxpayers dearly. Hence, the number of ministerial portfolios will be decreased,” he said.

Following less funding by the government, Polye said agriculture would be their other top priority to diversify the economy. 

He added that it would be commercialised in bigger scale.

Meanwhile, the alternative government would continue to work with European Union, New Zealand, Australia, World Bank, Japan, Asian Development Bank and other development partners. 

Don POMB Polye, CMG, BE (Civil), MBA, MIEPNG (Reg), MP

*To get the original copy of the Media Release from the office of PNG Opposition Government in PDF file format, please click the on link below, Opposition Leader Don Polye.

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