Wednesday, 29 March 2017

A PNG MP warns citizens on imminent inflation

LAIGAP-Porgera MP Nixon Mangape warns that fellow citizens should brace for tougher economic challenges in the months ahead.

Speaking to a crowd at Maramuni in Wabag, Enga province, Mr Mangape said last Friday that these were mainly as a result of the K3 billion loan.“The government has no funds to pay for their bills. Public service salary has been delayed. There are no drugs and medical kits in the health facilities across the country,” he told them.

He said tuition-fee free funds had been delayed, adding Parliament and the Government House faced cuts to electricity supplies due to non-payment of bills.A hospital, he said, in his district has run out of medicines for three months due to non-payment of operational funds from the government. He also warned that a 1kg rice packet being sold in Maramuni for K15 would be bought with K20 in the weeks ahead.

Mangape said the gap between the rich and the poor would reach unprecedented levels. He stated that there were also cuts in District Services Improvement and PSIP funds. “These are the signs of symptoms of our economy taking a nose dive. “The government has no money to fund the election. The increase in nomination fee from K1000 to K10, 000 is a proof of our cash-stripped economy,” he said.
He said the Opposition MPs opposed the bill. Meanwhile, the Opposition stalwart warned them not to ‘sell their votes’ in this year’s election.

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