Monday, 5 September 2016

Young Melonie gets help after her story was published by Post Courier and circulated on social media


POST Courier's story on August 30 about 21-year-old Melonie Joe Tombos (refer photo below) and her rare medical condition has drawn responses from readers who have been touched by this young woman’s story and her appeal for help. Being raised by a single mum and supportive uncles, Ms Tombos grew up with a strong desire of becoming a doctor one day to serve the people.

This was her dream, not knowing that she would be faced with a rare medical condition of the central nervous system known as arteriosclerosis malformation (AVM) that only a medical operation would correct. Her father deserted the family when her mum was one month pregnant with her and for someone who had no formal employment, this was a struggle. Seeing her mum go through life to make ends meet for her and her brother was a challenge. “Being raised by a single parent had taught me to appreciate life and the people that matter and to give them the best.

I have this big dream of becoming a doctor and to support my mum. While trying to achieve this dream I was diagnosed with a medical condition that shattered my dream of becoming a doctor.” As a committed young Christian girl, she believes that although it may not seem possible to men, God has a way of seeing things through in life. God has a reason and purpose for everything in life and all will work according to his will and she believes that God will not give up on her and her struggle, she says.

The story sure did touch Jim Gui from PNG Nambawan Trophy Limited who has contributed K5000 with the hope of helping Ms Tombos kick-start her fundraising to seek medical attention. Mr Gui said he was touched when he read the story last Tuesday and decided to meet with Ms Tombos and give his support in person. After meeting the young woman, Mr Gui concluded that the support would go to a worthy cause as he can see a lot of courage in Ms Tombos who has a long way to go and a lot to achieve. “I admire you and know that my commitment is for a worthy cause and I know that you are a person who will one day give back to the community.
You have to believe in yourself and get well and achieve your dream of one day becoming a doctor, as you will serve more people, even some with condition like you. I salute your courage and pledge my support to assist where I can through your medical appeal to get the much needed medical operation.” Mr Gui has gone further in pledging his support in any fundraising Ms Tombos and her family might plan to have and also to make available NWTL facilities for her to do her fundraising if need be.

He has also promised to post her story on the company FaceBook page to seek more help on the social media network and to make the medical appeal drive known to NWTL business partners. The family is seeking generous support for an operation to remove the AVM overseas because it is a rare condition that affects the arteries and the veins in the brain, and the best option is operation as it can be life threatening once it bursts in the brain.

Ms Tombos is seeking medical assistance to travel to the Philippines as costs in that country is said to be the cheapest. Port Moresby General Hospital has suggested that she, her mother and another helper travel to the Philippines and this will cost a total of K120,000 for a period of one month in Manila.

For more information, Melonie Tombos can be contacted on 70967094 or her mum on 73439325.

Readers also shared her story on social media after the publication. One other reader who shared the story on social media, popular Facebook group, The Voice of PNG, is John D. Schrader. Below is what John had posted on Facebook.

.....................///////////////////.....................Dear fellow citizens. This is a genuine appeal to support young Melonie. The 21 year old lass is from Bela near Mendi in Southern Highlands but was brought in Goroka, EHP and is fighting a rare medical condition of the Central Nervous System called arteriosclerosis malformation (AVM) diagnosed by Pacific International Hospital.
As published by Post Courier yesterday (Tuesday, August 30, 2016), her condition is life threatening and the Port Moresby General has recommended her to undergo immediate operations in the Philippines by specialized doctors at the cost of K120,000.00. Her medical condition has seriously affected her studies to become a Doctor herself at the Pacific Adventist University.

There is no one to help her. She is an orphan her entire life after her late father passed away when she was only one month old. She only has one sibling. Her poor mother is appealing to any kind hearted individual and organization for support to save the young woman.
I believe that if 1000 kind hearted fellow Papua New Guineans can commit K120.00, we would reach K120,000.00 and meet her cost for the operations. Being a medical student herself and with the dream of becoming a Doctor in the near future, she is a very important assert to the nation. Helping young Melonie Joe Tombos is what we can do for PNG. With that I am committing my K120.00 and I kindly appeal for 999 kind hearted Papua New Guineans to join me support her. But anyone can support her in cash or kind in their own wishes.
For confirmation and for further information, her mother Grace Tombos can be contacted on her Digicel number: 73439325. Until her family decides on opening a new account for her Fundraising Purpose, Melonie's current account is provided below:

Account Name: MELONIE TOMBOSAccount Number: 1009213545Bank South Pacific.

Thank you and God will reward you all for your support.

Melonie's story first published on the Post Courier of August 30th, 2016.

A quote from Post Courier's report about Melonie.  
 Melonie with helpers Jim Gui from PNG Nambawan Trophy Limited and wife after her story was published and read.
Source: Post Courier and Facebook (John Schrader)



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