Saturday, 10 September 2016

The love of money as eroded our guarded practices and systems of acceptable lifestyle in the highlands of Papua New Guinea


A GENERAL overview of current trend of life in most societies in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea with regards to Money.
I am delighted to introduce the topic outlined, nowadays in highlands most people especially the youths are easily influenced by the western Lifestyle. Most people tend to forget and loss their guarded practices or their system of lifestyle which are acceptable in a particular society. For instance, every community they have their own way of living and doing things which are guarded and acceptable. 

Today, most people take money as life and go out of their boundaries meaning their guarded practices are not in play. They think money is just everything and people do not care about the relationships that bond them as families, relatives and community members. They behave beyond the guarded practices, doing things that never define the acceptable norms.

 You may wonder sometimes as to why things do not seem to be right. This is simply because people do not know or they had lost their guarded behaviors. Moreover, people do not understand that they are unique and do not even recognize that they are created for a purpose. Most people want to be millionaires; many conceive that they are whites and participating in events that never suit them. We must be real, be simply and accept the fact that we are different. 

Most people define money as the root of all evil, that might be true in most cases but I can define money as a tool which is essential for living. It is how we spend the money that matters. In Highlands many individuals, families, tribes and so on are divided because of the desire to have money. The subject matter here is money which is changing the acceptable practices in the societies, that is money provoke jealousy and greed. People tend to betray their real brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers, their tribesmen, relatives and so on. 

This trend portrays a bad picture amongst humanity. We are created to be united and be in a society where we can do things which are acceptable. Most people especially men are lazy to do their own gardening, they tell lies to make money, they betray their families to ensure they have money at the end of their evil dealings. This trend is obvious in the highlands of Papua New Guinea over land issues, public money, and so on which trigger jealousy and greed amongst many societies. This created divisions which accommodate for petty politics within, between and among societies. Many people are killed, end up in prisons, lost properties, and many other unwanted activities occurred because of money if you view it carefully.

After all a big gap has been created this cannot be filled easily and is accountable for current situations in PNG Highlands. Our country is unique, diverse and rich. Let’s do what is best for yourself and others so that we excel in our little ways that suits us as blessed by the God Almighty and forfeit greed and jealousy in our systems. Let us be responsible for our actions and do what is right for us, for our community, for our beloved country.

Norman John Puk


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