Monday, 5 September 2016

Papua New Guinea is slowly facing a drug shortage in public hospitals, reveals opposition

SHORTAGE of drugs and medical kits in public hospitals and clinics is life threatening, says Opposition Leader Don Polye.

And Mr Polye has called on the fellow citizens to take extra care of themselves.
“Prevention is better than cure. Medical fees at private hospitals are very costly.
“Our common people cannot afford them,” said a concerned Polye.

He said his officers had conducted a research into most of the public hospitals and clinics around the country.

Polye added they learnt that most public hospitals and clinics faced shortage of blood bags, test kits and other medical kits.
 “Shortage of medicines in the public health facilities has never been experienced before.

“This is happening because of the Prime Minister Peter O’Neill and his government’s lack of fiscal discipline and economic mismanagement,” he said.

He said the free-health care policy was a populist and false promise to make O’Neill looks good, describing it as failed and not genuine.
“When we are in government, we will build four regional referral hospitals in each of the regions.
“We will encourage training of more specialized community health workers and doctors with improved working conditions to improve the healthworker-to-patient ratio in the country,” a determined Polye said.  

The Opposition Leader has called on the Prime Minister to admit the problem and mobilize resources to address it.
He said the PM should stop globe-trotting and take time out to see it for himself.

“Cut down on unnecessary expenditures and prioritize those services like health and education which matter most to our people,” he said. 

Port Moresby General Hospital

Angau Memorial Hospital

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