Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Papua New Guinea must fight the "real war" - not over domestic petty issues.


PAPUA New Guinea (PNG) loves fighting for shit that it has zero benefit from. Corned beef for instance, State of Origin and in Bougainville we even took up arms and killed our brothers and sisters for a mine that made profits for others, yet we do not rise up to fight for what should truly concern us.

For instance the health situation where we sat silently while a ridiculous scam of an inflated contract that endangers our lives is allowed to be granted to a foreign owned company that imports its medicine from a company cited by the World Health Organization (WHO) for distribution of counterfeit products.

We say nothing about the granting of citizenship illegally to a criminal fugitive wanted in another nation for banking fraud and we are clearly not worried that they are now granted a monopoly over rice commercialization in PNG. Nor do we care when the same criminal is granted a contract to rebuild a Government building at exceptionally high cost and staff it with foreigners.

Where are our priorities? Papua New Guinea!

We say nothing about the plunder of our forests and marine resources by criminal entities that avoid taxes in elaborate transfer pricing scams while our Government forces Papua New Guinea companies to pay taxes with heavy penalties...

Nor do we even blink an eye when our jobs and opportunities are gifted away as 80,000 school leavers spill into our economy fighting with expats for 10,000 jobs...

Where indeed are our priorities are, people of Papua New Guinea?

Why is it that we are willing to kill each other over a rugby match played in another country and for greasy canned meat made of meat imported from offshore but so apathetic about the state of our health, education, law and order, rights to opportunities and jobs and our resources?
Gary Guffa
Gary Guffa with kids and a man from his village.

VIDEO: The former head of customs and Oro Governor, Gary Juffa, has issued a strong message to Australia saying the Australian government should not subcontract asylum processing to Papua New Guinea.

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