Monday, 5 September 2016

Opposition leader Don Polye expressed concern over very 'high-profile' cases starting to get watered down one after the other


THE Opposition has expressed concern over the manner in which Constitutional Officer Holders are handling very high profile cases.
Opposition Leader, Don Polye in a statement today said very high profile cases are either watered down or dismissed on so-called technical grounds.
Polye is concerned that such high profile cases are not being handled well thus resulting in them being dismissed prematurely.

He said this when referring to the controversial UBS loan case in which the Supreme Court ruled the referral of Prime Minister for prosecution as unconstitutional.
“The whole case was a failure from the start when the Public Prosecutor requested the Ombudsman Commission to reinvestigate the allegations against the Prime Minister,” Polye said.

Polye added that Public Prosecutor knowing too well that it is not its role and function to request Ombudsman Commission for additional evidence yet it went ahead with this request.
“The Public Prosecutor is obliged to decline to prosecute if the evidence is lacking or otherwise and not seeking further evidences from the Ombudsman Commission as is the case involving the Prime Minister.”

He said the Public Prosecutor has failed this important case.
Polye said as per the Supreme Court ruling, ‘legal and financial process and procedures may not have been complied with in the UBS loan deal’ yet this case has been ruled in favour of the PM due to the failure by the Public Prosecutor.
Polye still maintains that UBS loan deal was a bad decision by the O’Neill government that placed the country in an economic mess.

He said signs and symptoms of economic mess is still evident with no medical drugs in most hospitals and schools closing down among other associated problems.
He said the Opposition will continue to fight for good governance.
“Our fight against corruption in high places is to instill good governance,” Polye said.

Source: PNG Opposition

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