Thursday, 8 September 2016

Goroka Cultural Show venue clashes with under 20 women's soccer for World Cup

THE organisers of the annual Goroka Show in Papua New Guinea have been told their usual venue at the National Sports Institute is not available this year, 2016.

Instead it's been taken over by PNG's under 20 women's soccer squad as they prepare for the World Cup in November, and organisers have been told the show will have to celebrate it's 60th anniversary somewhere else.

Chairwoman Keryn Hargreaves says she's disappointed because the National Sport Institute (NSI) have been well aware that the show was coming up, but said nothing about a scheduling clash until now.

Tambul men at the show last year 2015
For more information about the Goroka Cultural Show in the following years to come, visit the following blog - the Melanesian Way blog at:


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