Thursday, 11 August 2016

The Moran and Kutubu Landowners in the SHP have joined forces with Hela disgruntled landowners on non-payment demands

THE Moran and Kutubu PNG LNG project landowners from Southern Highlands Province have also joined forces with the Hela landowners to demand the Government on the non-payment of royalties.
In a joint move to petition the Government, they signed a demand paper giving a 21 days ultimatum as of 10th August to honour its outstanding commitments that are similar to that of Hides landowners. The petition focused on an outstanding payment MOA payment of over K45-million yet to be paid. 
The visit lead by James Marabe team to Hides was unproductive. According to source at site in Tari said there was a heated up debate between the minister for Finance James Marabe on the K53 million IDG Grant released last year 2015. The chairman of the land owners didn't give any chances to the delegations as they were totally put down to the grave which didn't end up with any resolutions. They left everything in the project area in total darkness. Mr Larry Andagali confirmed that the project will continue to close supporting his counterpart's claim of PDL 7. 
Mr Andagali said Hides landowners want to see the "shut down of PNG LNG project". As the First and Last.

Prime Minister Peter O'Neill assured the landowners in Parliament that they will be paid. Mr. O'Neill said all outstanding payments for landowners from Hela Province to Central Province will paid.  
Larry Andagali

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