Sunday, 21 August 2016

The breeding ground for corruption is within the family circles, street preacher told listeners


YESTERDAY evening after work I saw a multitude of people at Kamkumung market listening to a Canadian white man preaching to the people. He was talking about corruption in Papua New Guinea. I joined and listen closely to what he was saying and the points I noted are;

1. The Breeding Grounds of Corruption
2. Who is responsible for Corruption
3. Evidence of Corruption
4. Solution to Corruption

In PNG we say the breeding ground of corruption is at the Highest Institution. Is it the Parliament? National Universities? Police Force? Defence Force? Or the Top Government Offices?

The answer may be 'yes' for some but it is the tip of the Iceberg. But in fact none of these is the Highest Institution.

He then said the Highest Institution is instead the family and the fathers in every family is responsible for most corrupt activities we see today. Which means the breeding ground for corruption is in the family.

How does it evolve? Since the father is the head of the family, he is responsible for everything. He must treat his child well. Must not abuse the child and the mother. Provide food for the house, discipline the children without abusing them and show them to live a good life.

Children learn from their fathers. If you beat your wife, swear, steal, drink beer without providing enough for family and other corrupt activities in front of the children, they will learn from it.

That's why our country is in chaos. Children of corrupt fathers will always lead in a corrupt way. Be a real man so that your child will be a real man/ woman tomorrow.

"Let us be real, here. It is hard to be a real man. It is hard to be a man of courage when everyone around you has no courage to do what is right. Actually it is impossible. Just as it is possible to be a real man and look at pornography on your phone when you purchase a data bundle. Why? Because you are not acting like a man but a pervert.

Just as it is impossible to be a man if you lie and cheat your boss. Why? Because you are not acting like a real man but a "giaman" man (lair).

Just as it is impossible to be a man if you act corruptly and accept bribes or give bribes to get ahead. Why? Because you are not a real man but a "con-man" (cunning man).

Just as it is impossible to be a man if you beat your wife and cheat on her. You are not a real man but a beast and an adulterer!

Just as it is impossible to be a man if you use your fortnight to buy beer and hang with you friends while your family suffers. You are not a real man but a selfish drunkard!

Yes it is impossible to be a real man, a man of wisdom and courage and honesty and humility if you are not connected by faith to the Man who saved you. Read John 15:5".

PNG, what's happened has happened. What's happening right now is the fruit of the seed that has been planted in our sons some years ago. Now is the time for us to change. Be a real man, weed out corruption, plant the right seed in your son's and daughter's heart. Among us are very few real man. Choose them in 2017.

Change yourself first and later ask others to change. May God Bless PNG

Sourced from the Voice of PNG / Facebook / 2016.

The Canadian white-man preaching in Lae, Morobe Province about corruption in Papua New Guinea.

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