Tuesday, 9 August 2016

PNG needs a Government who cares and loves its people: Ignorance is a part to failure


I am curious.

How was it OK for the Government to recognize landowners when signing the agreements for the gas project but now claim they need to verify landownership issues before payment of royalties and entitlements?

Meanwhile our people in Hela have risen up in frustration and indignation at the continued injustice of watching more than 250 shipments leave their shores while they sit in the dark by the fireside and wonder about their share. Many have died with their hope of a better future.

The Government must treat its people with sensitivity and care not arrogance and intimidation!

The Bougainville crisis is a glaring example of what can happen if our people are not heard, not treated with care and are oppressed and brutalized.

The people of Hela have been patient and are peaceful people but they cannot continue to live in the dark ages while their resources enrich everyone else.

It is truly a sad day when a nations Government ignores the plight of its people for profit.

If anyone deserves payment first its the resource owners.

Learn from Bougainville! Its a bitter lesson paid for by the blood of our people...20,000 lives plus lost and the immeasurable damage done to our people..


Does the Government realize this?

Do the MPs who had danced and boogied down in Alotau during the Vote of No-Confidence care?

Does the NEC and all its Ministers ever think about the plight of their people who elected them before endorsing the numerous scams and schemes that marginalize our people and are but efforts to rape plunder and pillage our future?
Garry Gufa

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