Thursday, 18 August 2016

PNG Gas landowners signed MOU to address issues in the petition, Government to honor MOU

PAPUA New Guinea’s Hides gas landowners from PDL 1 and 7 signed the MOU with government team this afternoon (18/08/16), paving way for normalcy for business operation for LNG project.

Petroleum and Energy Minister Nixon Duban was present at the signing of the MOU and agreed to honor all the issues in the petition and tied them in the timeframe and signed the MOU.

All the points in the points in the petition were locked in the MOU and minister confirmed to take it with him to NEC for further action.

Meanwhile, government officials showed proofs of bank print out of royalty money parked in the BSP bank and bank of PNG. The government officers flew in today (18/08/16) and start up the clan vetting process and open up the bank account of the locals to send the money in.

Bank officers and NID officers will fly in next week and complete the process within 30 days and pay the money to the individual landowners.

The landowner petition was successful with their mission in 13 days.

Landowners promised to uplift their blockade tomorrow (19/08/16).

Photos supplied/2016.

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