Thursday, 25 August 2016

"I found courage and learned to accept the fact that my father passed away so early but he left a legacy to build my own life on," tells Kiap.


IF there is anyone in my life who has shaped my life for the better, this person is my father, late Kiap Palg. He has been my role model.

He was a Chief leader of the Nenga tribe in the Western Highlands Province. He was a warrior and a peace maker. The best father and husband. He was the jack of all trades. 

Despite the lack of education, Kiap Palg was one of those few leaders during the colonial times and after independence who took over the leadership from the Australian colonial government. Several times he was the Council President of the Mul LLG in WHP. Several times he contested and came second in the Western Highlands Provincial government elections. 

It just happened too quick that he left suddenly to be with the Lord. He passed away after a long illness in 1998. But I don't regret his absence in my life as everything happens for a reason. I found courage and learned to accept the fact that I don't have a father but a legacy to build my own life on. 

I am so thankful of the fact that his sudden disappearance from my life has played a very significant part in shaping my life to be a leader at the early ages. I may not be the perfect son in every way he would have wanted but I have tried my best to fill his big shoes and I won't give up trying. 

Lucas Kiap 

"Black and white image of my late father Kiap Palg contesting in the 1984 Provincial Government elections in the Minjgina Constitutensi in the Western Highlands Province,". 

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