Sunday, 21 August 2016

Hides gas landowners remove the blockade to gas flow but their grievances remain

PAPUA New Guinea's Hides gas landowners after signing the MOU with the Government to honour their petition have removed blockade to the gates of gas valves station in Hides, Hela Province. 

The gate blockage being blocked with stones and cutting trees have opened on Friday (19/08/16) . Disgruntled landowner leaders are now satisfied with the agreement signed with the government to action within the next 30 days have told the local frustrated landowners to allow the access. Everything is back to normal for business operation  for the LNG gas flow at hides today.

However, they said it is 30 days for the government to respond and our grievances still remain until meet.

Photographs here local landowners removing the blockades in Hides.

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