Wednesday, 31 August 2016

A challenging but rewarding journey at Investigation Task-Force Sweep (ITFS) - today marks 5 years anniversary


AT end of this month (August) marks 5 years of Investigation Task-Force Sweep (ITFS) – 2 ½ years funded and 2 ½ years defunded. It is also 5 years for me with ITFS as the Chairman –3 years with salary and 2 years without salary.

The last two years had been very challenging. We have tried our best to survive the onslaught of oppression and suppression. We are still legally operational but starved of funds. Imagine paying for office stationary, electricity, internet etc… out of your own pockets to maintain a government office functional as if there is no money in the public coffers. We have personally borrowed to survive but then they accuse us of how we have been surviving instead of at least appreciating that we managed to come thus far. It’s like the accusers threw us out of the ship in the middle of the deep ocean and expected us to drown and die, but when we made it to the shore alive, they then turned around and accused us saying “why are you still surviving?”

I’ve always held this believe that working for fulfilment is a better motivation than working for salary. You need salary because you have bills to pay. Once you minus bills from salary, money ceases to be the focus. Consider all extras as luxury. However, salary can be a demotivating factor and can affect performance if the remuneration is inadequate to take care of the bills. In tough times like what I’ve been through, it is principles like this that will keep you motivated to perform.

For two years, we have held on this fight in servitude to a cause far greater than our own. Reality of survival has however tested my resolute of heart to carry on and just like every other human, I cannot escape reality. I am in the valley of making a decision and if I do, the reasons are too obvious to need elaboration. Until that time comes, we got cases still progressing in court so work is as usual.
There were temptations and opportunities for an easy way out but then, on a second thought, how can one have a testimony if he does not pass the test. We have kept the fight this long despite the challenges.

I thank God for the opportunity to serve in this capacity. I thank the O’Neill Government for giving me the opportunity to serve.
It has been a rewarding journey for me and I have learnt a lot. I hope many can be inspired as well.

Sam Koim

VIDEO: Task Force Sweep Chairman Sam Koim says he will not conduct a media trial, but will protect the evidence he has and allow a competent court of jurisdiction to test the material. National EMTV News.



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