Sunday, 16 September 2018

Deskbell Chain offers hotel solutions for reducing costs in driving more sales

Driving direct sales and reducing the need to pay costly commissions to major online distribution channels is one of the biggest challenges facing hotels today. DeskBell Chain, the new blockchain app using geolocation, has a solution, writes Benedict O’Leary — ICO advisor in the travel sphere.

Imagine the following scenario — you plan your weekend break getaway to a quiet location in the countryside via a well-known online travel agent. You decide to splash out and book the breakfast-inclusive rate, because it looks like a bargain. Imagine then your surprise when you check in after a long journey on Friday night that the hotel also offers a dinner rate for the same price if you book directly.

Obviously, you are going to be annoyed. No one likes to miss out, so you ask the manager if you can have the same deal, seeing as you have booked already, it’s late, and you’re hungry.

Unfortunately for you it transpires that the property is unwilling to offer the reduction because it has to pay a large commission to the company through whom you booked. However, if you had booked directly you would have received access to the same offer.

DeskBell Chain is a tool that seeks to create a standard in the hotels and tourist attraction sphere by setting an industry standard. It’s unique Blockchain features will enable properties to pass on discounts to consumers by reducing costs. Paradoxically, by reducing costs visitors will be encouraged to spend more. It’s a bit like receiving a gift for a multi-buy purchase in a supermarket — the perceived discount encourages you to actually spend more. This is a dream-come-true for hotels that struggle to generate revenues from their restaurant s for example.

DeskBell Chain uses targeted geo-location marketing to reach potential guests. This is a boon for resort hotels, or tourism attractions that need visitors. The content placed on the platform, either by properties themselves or in user-generated content from previous visitors, will influence viewers. They will be additionally motivated by the offer and reward of bonus tokens for participating in the promotion. Targeted marketing will help to replace the paper material that all too often clutters up hotel lobbies and will help to provide the guest with the right offer right when they want it.

DeskBell Chain will enable individual properties to be more successful in generating and maintaining a loyal guest base, enabling them to fulfil a valuable role in the local area’s economy.

Hotels in the Asia-Pacific region who wish to participate in this opportunity may contact its partner, Howarig Traders, via email: based in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea.

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