Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Why the seven (7) LLG council wards are staying together in Tambul-Nebilyer - 2017 National General Election


We the people of 7 LLG Wards in the far southern end of Tambul Valley decided in this year 2017 to be one in politics.

Why we decided to be politically intact?

During the 2012 General election one of our young man from Waluma Tribe was killed in an alleged political fight between the supporters of different candidates. During the funeral the leaders have decided that we must be one and this has became reality in this year.

In the past elections we were threatened, deprived and forced to choose the candidates not according to our own conscious but their choices. We always live in fear. The nature of democracy has not been our way. We voted them because we were threatened and etc...we were not seen as some important people. There is nothing different that we may have or have not.

This past experiences in the past elections have decided to be one in politics. We are now announcing to the rest of Tambul Nebilyer that we are like you. We value ourselves like gold,silver and some dear and precious items that you may name them.
Our stand is simple is that we want to be part of the government that is going to be formed. In the last 40 years our two main roads from Wakalpass to Koroka and Pokorapul to Piambel have been neglected. This has further forced our two primary schools (Gia & Bonga) have been closed down for some years. Our Gia Health Centre mostly operates without proper staff and lack medical supply.

Some curable sickness have killed our poor mothers, sisters and children. Not many of our young people acquire formal education. Also due to the road condition the social economy empowerment is less. We know that in a year a family or an individual person raises One Hundred Kina to Five Hundred Kina. 

This amount is not enough for a family to meet every needs and wants. We have struggled too long...This situation is remaining up to now...When in each year we see most of the tribes in the district see many young people graduate from the tertiary institutions but for the entire 7 LLG's, we hardly see one of ours come home with a bachelor or degree in any filed. Probably the fault would be our own because we do not choose wise but on the other side we are not give the freedom to choose.

Few of the projects we have seen in the last 20 years is the Gia Health Centre funded by former Mp Vincent Awali through the Lutheran Health Services. We also realized the establishment of Gia High School through the Western Highlands Provincial Administration under the leadership of incumbent Governor Pais Wingti. Another impact project was the Bonga Health Centre, an initiative of Western Highlands Provincial Health Authority through the Community Health Posts Projects funded by Aus Aid, JICA and others. It would not have happened if Philip Kerowa was not in the position of Director Rural Health Services of WHPHA.

 Few new teachers houses and classrooms have been funded by our incumbent Mp and Minister Benjamin Poponawa for both Gia, Bonga and probably Marapul Primary Schools. We also would like to thank James Steven Kennedy for upgrading our two roads. This has speeded up our normal life routines. Few bridges have been rebuilt and in fact it was a real help. Apart from these there could be others assistance our different church denominations have received from our Mp Benjamin Poponawa. Anyway one way or the other few leaders have shown their effort we appreciated for that. We would not give what you all need but the only thing we could forward to you guys is our prayers and supports. 

We also would like to thank Gabriel Andadi for sponsoring some of young people under his education incentive fund. We also thank you for your effort in alleviating our struggle in the education sector.

Now we recognize all of our struggles and we ask for freedom in this election. We already made our mind to choose on our own. We really want to see the real election process. We are ready to be in the team player in the development processes. 

We want to be in the decision making. If anyone wants to help us...this is what we have. It's only three weeks left and we appeal to the rest of Tambul Nebilyer that once you go to the polling area please think about our sufferings and hardships we have gone through.

We are just like the gold, silver, diamond and others. Do not treat us like half cola and betel nut people that we could be treated with 5 90...No...No...No...not this time.

We really want to choose and build a healthy relationship with all of you...allow us to exercise our freedom. And finally may the best candidate wins this election under the watchful eyes of God Almighty.

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