Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Triumph Heritage Empowerment (THE) party policies good for PNG than People's National Congress (PNC) party policies, says Don Polye.

OPPOSITION Leader Don Polye assures Prime Minister Peter O'Neill that his policies are better than his government's to develop the economy into prosperity.

Mr Polye made the assurance, following O'Neill's baseless claim that the Opposition's policies were reckless as they could reverse development and undermine economic growth.

Polye clarified that under his compulsory and subsidised education policy, the government, which he is confident of leading after the election, would fully subsidise tuition fees for tertiary students as fees have skyrocketed putting more economic stress on parents.

He reiterated that from elementary to Grade 12 the fees would be partly subsidized, meaning parents should partner with the government.

"Sharing the fees for our children is just like project fees their parents have been paying from elementary to Gr. 12. There is no such thing as free education policy. It will not decrease the number of student enrollment as claimed. Parents should take ownership of their kids," he said.

He said all the tertiary institutions, including colleges, in the country were not accredited to the international standard, adding their graduates are not exportable overseas in the job market.

"Our new government, which I am confident of leading, will accredit all our tertiary institutions and renovate all their run-down facilities with high speed internet services," he said.

Polye said there were numerous allegations of fund abuses when each district was getting K10 million annually as DSIP funds.

He added that such was the same for PSIP funds.

"My policy to slash the funds will address embezzlement of public funds. It will enable our new government to fund sustainable economic projects in each of the districts to empower our people directly so that they will make enough money to participate actively in our economy.

"This will break the barrier of our people expecting free-hand outs like always. We must start to trust our people. They can take their businesses off the ground with little finances we provide for them as seed capital," he said.

With this, he said, many citizens will be made millionaires and not observers like seen today under the O'Neill-Dion government.

On the Bougainville issue, he stated the government had withheld funds intended for the Autonomous Government.

Polye stated that when he was the Treasury Minister, on record he released the first K100 million for AROB's development in 2013.

"This was from K500 million I budgeted for five years from 2012 to 2017. I only learnt from the Opposition that the balance of K400 million has never been given to ABG," he said.

Brushing aside claims by O'Neill that he was delivering services to AROB, Polye said as a former minister under the Somare government, he delivered much needed infrastructures in AROB.

He cited that amongst others he facilitated fifteen bridges along the Buka-Arawa-Buin highway under the Japanese government.

Polye urged PM O'Neill to sell his policies to the voters so that they would decide between the government and the Opposition this election.

"Do not see me as a threat. Let our people decide for us this election to lead the next government. They know which is the right team" he said.

Photo captions: Opposition Leader Don Pomb Polye arrived at Lae's Eriku Oval to a rousing reception last week, following the completion of his campaign trail in East Bew Britain and Autonomous Region of Bougainville.
He was accompanied by Lae MP Loujaya Kouza, his candidates and local THE party officials.
Similar warm welcome was accorded to Polye and his delegation on arrival at the Nazab Airport.
He will launch election campaigns for his THE party candidates contesting several seats in Morobe province.

Images: PNG Opposition Media Unit.


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