Friday, 5 May 2017

Political rival tear down campaign posters of another candidate in Madang


IN early hours of Tuesday (02/05/17) morning a campaign committee of a rival candidate tore down 104 of my campaign posters erected along Modilon Road in Madang.

Eyewitnesses reported seeing a vehicle owned by person who is key campaign officer of sitting Member, PNC Candidate, Nixon Duban and its occupants pulling down my posters, leaving Duban's posters untouched.

I plan to have the matter reported to Police to take whatever action they see appropriate. On account Police failed to affect Duban's arrest even after Court of Disputed Returns found him guilty of bribery I won't be holding my breath whether anything will come of it.

There was an immediate response on social media (Facebook) from the public in Madang.
Rayleen Hendria Botty said "Seriously it is a primitive and childish act... shameful"

Jay Ne'o responded "Its unbecoming of an incumbent leader's supporters to do that. What are they literally scared of? Losing seat? If Hon Duban had declared during his nomination rally that he is going to retain his seat, then there is no point doing such childish act. I reckon psychologically his supporters had declared that they cannot withstand BK's challenges.

Wander Kautil said "They are bunch of losers, soim ol yet osem ba ol lusim displa seat lo Bryan Kramer, stap na lukim....."

On that note I'd like to personally thank those behind this childish act while they thought it would somehow damage my campaign it has in fact rallied greater support from the public.

It seems only in PNG people are no longer only feared in person but even their picture on a poster is also considered a real threat.

“Irony is wasted on the stupid” ― Oscar Wilde.
  • Bryan Kramer is an candidate for the Madang Open Seat under PANGU Party which Nixon Duban under PNC Party is a member of Parliament.

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