Sunday, 7 May 2017

PNG needs smarter leaders: - former Sanduan Governor told voters

THE greatest need for Sandaun province is a lack of intelligent and smart leaders- not politicians, former governor John Tekwie.

Mr Tekwie, THE party's Sandaun Provincial seat candidate, said the people must not be misled to make a mistake by voting in self-oriented MPs.

He was speaking at the launch of election campaign and endorsement for THE party candidates in Vanimo town last week Friday (05/05/17).

"Our people of Sandaun must not make a mistake again this election.

"This is a special election as we, as Joshua's generation, are crossing over to the promised land after 41 years of being in the wilderness," he said.

He likened Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare as biblical Moses and Opposition Leader Don Polye as Joshua to lead PNG to prosperity.

He said the next 40 years should be the period of prosperity.

Tekwie outlined his major policy which THE party would drive for Sandaun was Free Economic Zone.

He said he had materialised this policy at Sepik plain and Konebada park in NCD.
Sharing a similar sentiment, his party leader Mr Polye said Tekwie, an economist, had bright ideas to transform Sandaun.

"Now is the time to vote him in as your governor to exploit his knowledge and intelligence.
"He is a smart and intelligent leader. Do not let him grow old with these qualities. It takes time to build someone like him for his replacement," he said.

Polye has called on the people of Sandaun to vote in his candidates for its betterment and the country's as a whole.

Former governor for Sandaun and THE party candidate John Tekwie hugging Polye at Vanimo Airport. Image: PNG Opposition Media Unit

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