Thursday, 11 May 2017

People's National Congress Party Multi-million Kina election campaign proving a major flop


PNG Prime Minister Hon. Peter O'Neill People's National Congress Party Multi-million Kina election campaign has proven a major flop (fall) after its launch following the issue of writs on 20th April 2017.

An election campaign that is run by a bunch of Australian's has been best described as out of touch with reality and failing to understand the Papua New Guinean voter.

O'Neill has entrusted his party's most important campaign to a young unknown Sydney boy Mr. Matt McCarthy.

McCarthy describes his job title on his Linked-profile as Special Adviser to Prime Minister and as one of the best roles he has ever had.

"Reporting directly to the Prime Minister Hon. Peter O'Neill was a great opportunity to utilise all my skills and learn many new ones" said McCarthy.

McCarthy who only has a diploma in Marketing and zero experience in running election campaigns is struggling to find a wining strategy.

Most of his campaign articles posted on the party's Facebook page are having little if no traction with PNGeans who subscribe to social media and number up to 420,0000. The articles posted by McCarthy are attracting no more than 500 likes from its readers in some case as low 45.

Has O'Neill made a fatal mistake expending millions of his party's funds on foreign nationals with somewhat embarrassing results? Begs the question perhaps the funds could have been better spent directly funding its candidates campaigns on the ground?

Meanwhile, other political party's social media campaign strategies are having greater success without the fan fare of highly paid foreign consultants on Million Kina contracts.

If Prime Minister's Political Party can't even trust our own people to manage an effective election campaign how can it expect to win their votes?

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