Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Leaders who will lead God's people with uprightness is what PNG wants, Opposition Leader Don Polye told a crowd in Enga

THE greatest WANT of Papua New Guinea people is the want of leaders, who will lead God's people with uprightness, Opposition Leader Don Pomb Polye says.

"God, I am nobody. I am a sinner. God, I am hopeless and useless without You".

"I have sinned against my family, the people of Papua New Guinea and tribesmen and others even in my claim for uprightness! Please, forgive me Lord! There are sins I commit without knowing or understanding then I confess now! Please, God! I desire to lead your people as Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea with righteousness!" he told more than 15 thousand people turned out at Teremanda in Wabag, Enga today (Saturday 01/05/17).

Majority of the people sat on the mud as a sign of respect for Polye speaking to them.

They vowed to vote out candidates running under PNC party and replace those with THE party-endorsed candidates this election.

"...Enga! Do you (people) agree? Whole of Enga AGREED A big YES!" he said.

Photographs courtesy of PNG Opposition Media Unit.

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