Monday, 15 May 2017

Individual limitations Vs common wishes for the common good - 2017 National General Election


EVERYONE of us is born with great potential. But the reality is our limitations to be everything in life in our associations with our colleagues, tribes, families etc. But we are not limited in having specific special skills, knowledge and experiences gained within the vicinity of our influence but couldn't do more than what comprised of the elements and players within which we want to achieve common goals.

 It is all about employing every potential, capability and resources as well as opportunities to achieve our desirous journey in our development ambition context. For this election and the dream to live a Papua New Guineans revolves around doing the right thing electing leaders of our choice which is determined by several key players within the election process. 

1) We cannot undermine the potential good and bad the Electoral Commision and its Returning Officers have,

2) We cannot also ignore the security elements during the voting and counting periods, 

3) We cannot rule out candidates influence through bribery, and importantly, the attitude of voters and decisions they make. 

The current Government's behaviour is also a concern, they cannot give away their territory easily, and when it is about power and resources, this battle is far more worse than tribal warfare. 

We need to understand the whole scenario and know our limits before we rule some in and some out. In a fluid state like PNG, do not expect to be perfect in every means of the election process and its anticipated favourable outcomes but do expect turbulence times as a nation's progress depends on it development status. 

Thus, it is a struggle and will be but how we improve depends on the kind of politician breeds we decide in the very opportunistic period in our time and generation. For those of us, who know our strengths in certain areas, employ for the benefit of all and make a difference for the common good. 

Let us focus for a change for the next five years for living in a place so abundantly blessed. The future is not a joke and let us not regret with our limitations. God bless WHP for a change in the next five years.

Source: Western Highlands Development Forum (WHDF) fb.

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